"They were professional, prompt, friendly, and the kids loved them. I was happy to have my loved ones able to enjoy our ceremony and reception without worry. What a great service to provide to our guests!"

- Colleen and John

"Your sitting services on our daughter's wedding day were a godsend…creative, reliable and SAFE. So, just know how much we appreciated you and your company's professionalism."

- Allidah and David

"Not only the service itself allowed parents to enjoy the party with peace of mind and longer than having a sitter at home, but the kids loved their sitter. The kids had a wonderful time, were happy, entertained and didn't want to leave."

- Kim

"Charity and her team of childcare professionals are great to work with and really entertain the kids that would otherwise be bored and unhappy at an adult function."

- J. Lane, A Memory Lane Event, LLC

"It is with great pleasure that I endorse the essential services available through Wedding and Event Sitters by Charity. As a veteran wedding photographer in the Denver area since 1972, I have witnessed countless weddings, receptions, and events hampered by children who were disruptive and parents who did not enjoy the event because of the continuous commitment of monitoring their children. Charity's caregivers allow parents to actually enjoy the event, escape the demands of parenthood for a few hours, and relax. This a priceless service that will allow the emphasis of the day to be placed on the Bride and Groom, or whomever is in the spotlight...I endorse this service as a perfect compliment to assuring the wedding, reception, or event flows smoothly and comfortably."

- R. Burns, Burns Wedding and Portrait Photography, A Better Business Bureau Accredited Business- Gold Star Winner

"Charity, Thank you so much for your planning for and care of the children. I know they all enjoyed it. Many of the parents thanked us for the time away to enjoy the wedding. We would recommend your service to anyone."

-M. Hoffman, Mother of a Bride

"My 3 year old is usually shy but the event sitters got her into activities very quickly. They kept her attention the entire time. She had a great time with the sitters and I definitely recommend Charity and the other sitters."

-B. Dilges, Parent

"Charity provided babysitting services for my wedding on July 4th. She was responsive and reliable and has a professional website...I had two new mothers with a 1 year old and a 3 month old baby (my niece). Charity was PERFECT. The mothers checked on their babies a few times early in the evening and they couldn't believe how entertained the kids were. She has a natural way with children and the mothers quickly relaxed and enjoyed the party. I knew Charity was worth it when both mothers were on the dance floor having a great time. We had to pay extra because Charity had to travel to our local, but I would hire her again in a heartbeat."

-K.Lau, Bride

Wedding Sitters in Action